Simple Lamingtons

In the middle of our extremely cold winter I was longing for the warmth of Sydney and I started to think about some of my favorite Australian desserts.

Following is an extremely easy way to make a modified version of Lamingtons.

For convenience I used one of my favorite boxed cake mixes, but any high quality cake and frosting recipes will work.

Some Lamington recipes include spreading a thin layer of chocolate inside of the cake, but I think that makes it too sweet.  Also, even though it is difficult to believe, some people do not like chocolate.

I used sweetened shredded coconut in this recipe because it is easier to find and it is something I always have in the pantry.  The pieces of coconut are also larger.

Simple and delicious.

1 white or yellow cake (9x12 rectangle)
2 tubs of vanilla or chocolate frosting (or other favorite recipe)
shredded coconut

The Day Before:
Prepare the cake as directed in the recipe and bake in a 9x12 rectangle pan.  (If you are making a smaller recipe then use a smaller pan.  When baked the cake should be at least 2 inches high.)

When the cake is cool, cut it into squares (4 rows across and 6 rows down for 24 pieces or 3 rows across and 5 rows down for 15 larger pieces).  Freeze the cake overnight for easier assembly.

After the cake is frozen, cover all sides and the tops and bottoms of each piece of cake with a light layer of frosting.  The frozen cake makes it easier to frost each piece.  Traditional Lamingtons are coated in chocolate frosting, but vanilla frosting is also very good.

After frosting, roll each piece of cake in shredded coconut.  Press lightly.  Place the pieces of cake onto a serving platter.  (They will be a bit more fragile to move when they thaw).

Allow the cake to come to room temperature before serving.