8 Easy Toppings for Cupcakes Day #7 Crunchy Walnut Cupcakes

It cannot get any easier than topping a cupcake with walnuts that have been toasted in the oven to enhance the flavor and crunch.  Delicious!

Cupcake #7 - Crunchy Walnut Cupcakes

18 vanilla cupcakes
1 tub of vanilla frosting
2 cups of walnuts, toasted

Toast walnuts on a baking sheet 300 degrees for 5 minutes.  Watch to make sure they do not burn.

Chop the toasted walnuts into small pieces and place them on a large plate.

Using a butter knife, frost one cupcake.  Tip it upside down onto the plate of chopped walnuts and press gently to coat the top of the cupcake.

Continue this process with all of the cupcakes.