Sipping Chocolate

I am constantly in search of the perfect cup of hot chocolate.  My new favorite is sipping chocolate.  It is extremely rich, thick and full of flavor.

Chocolate Opulence in Santa Monica has some of the best sipping chocolate.  I stumbled across it one day as I passed the store and saw it listed on a movable sign out front.

I did not see sipping chocolate on their normal menu, since they focus on luxury local artisan chocolates and French Macarons, but I hope it will continue to be available.

Following is my home version of sipping chocolate.  The secret is to use high quality chocolate and serve it warm (not hot) to enhance the flavor.  This recipe serves one.  Enjoy!

Sipping Chocolate

3 Tablespoons milk
1/4 cup chopped chocolate (or 4-10g. squares, broken into pieces)

In a microwave cup bring the milk to a boil.  Watch very closely so it does not scald.

Remove the cup from the microwave and add the chocolate pieces.  Allow them to sit for a couple of minutes to melt.

Stir until the chocolate mixes into the milk.  Pour the melted chocolate drink into a serving cup.  I use a 1-1/2" tall espresso cup.  It is the perfect size for this recipe.

NOTE:  If you are using individually wrapped chocolate squares (like Ghiradelli Intense Dark Chocolate Squares) it is fun to experiment with different intensities of chocolate.  For dark chocolate lovers try 3 squares of 86% chocolate and 1 square of 60% chocolate.  Experiment with different chocolates to find your perfect combination.

This is so delicious!