Ice-Cream Brownie Pops

Several days ago I wanted to make Fat Witch Brownies but I did not have bittersweet chocolate so I substituted unsweetened cocoa.

The result was an intense chocolate brownie that crumbled easily.  It was perfect for making ice-cream brownie pops!

Choose a high quality vanilla ice cream.  (I like Trader Joe's vanilla.) Scoop small spoonfuls of ice cream into balls and arrange on a small tray.

In a separate bowl, crumble the brownies to create fine crumbs. Roll each ball of ice cream in the crumbs to coat.

Place the tray of ice cream balls into the freezer for 1 hour. Serve immediately or move the balls into a large plastic bag and store them in the freezer for future desserts.

Brownie Bites

The brownie crumbs are also perfect for making brownie bites.  I had some extra chocolate frosting left over from decorating a birthday cake.  I mixed the frosting with the brownie crumbs and then formed bite-size balls. I rolled some of the balls in shredded coconut.  Yummy!