9. Marshmallow Snowmen

This is a great treat to make ahead of time and then pull out with hot chocolate after an evening of caroling or seeing Christmas lights.

Making these marshmallow snowmen are a fun and easy project for kids.

Marshmallow Snowmen
(makes 4)

12 Large Marshmallows
wooden skewers
frosting:  tinted brown and orange
plastic sandwich bags or small pastry bag with small round tips

Carefully slide the marshmallows one at a time onto the skewer.  For the top marshmallow (the head) the skewer should just be halfway through the marshmallow.  (For safety reasons, the pointed end should not poke out of the top of the head.) Young children may need help with this part.

For convenience and speed I put the frosting in a sandwich bag and cut off one of the corners.  This also makes clean up really fast!  If you prefer you can also use a pastry bag with a small fitted tip or buy small tubes of gel or frosting.

With the frosting decorate the snowmen by adding eyes, nose and mouth.  Other things like arms, scarf or buttons can be added to decorate the snowmen.  Some kids just like to coat the entire snowman in frosting!  Whatever works!  That is why this project is fun for everyone!

If desired a fourth marshmallow can be added to the top for a hat.  The marshmallow is especially delicious if it is coated in melted chocolate first and then allowed to dry.  When the marshmallow is stirred into hot chocolate, the chocolate hat adds even more flavor!

Marshmallow Faces
One large marshmallow makes two faces.  With food scissors, cut each marshmallow in half to create two circles.  Draw eyes, nose and a mouth onto each marshmallow to create a cute snowman face.  Allow the frosting to dry.

Once the frosting is dry, the marshmallows can be stored in plastic and used later for hot chocolate!