In the Kitchen

Chocolate.  I love to watch the texture change as it slowly melts into a shiny liquid and fills the house with a wonderful aroma.

When I was a child, we often had cookies baking in the oven.  I still remember the thrill of eating a hot chocolate chip cookie.  I loved the chewy texture combined with the melted chocolate.  It was a perfect treat with a tall glass of milk.

I still have a copy of the very first cookbook I received from my parents when I was nine.  I can easily see which recipes I enjoyed making as a child because those pages are stained with ingredients that escaped the bowl during mixing.

As a child I remember watching my granny bake in the kitchen.  She taught me the secrets of making a perfect piecrust.  She also made the most amazing candy.  I can still picture her in the kitchen pulling large strands of taffy with her strong hands.

Today my time spent in the kitchen is usually around dinner when I am trying to think of something healthy to feed the family.  What I really prefer to be doing is baking.  I love the aroma of homemade bread baking in the oven.  I love to make desserts and I enjoy the challenge of creating a beautiful cake or developing a new cheesecake recipe.

Most of all, I love chocolate.  There is something about the aroma that fills the air when chocolate is melting that makes everything in the world seem okay.

I’m secretly hoping that this blog will give me the excuse to do a lot more baking.  I plan to include fun recipes, photos and a lot of ideas.  I hope you will visit often and hopefully the blog will encourage you to enjoy life and start baking.

When life gets too stressful just bake chocolate cake (or something just as delicious!)