April 12, 2014

Chocolate Volcano Cookies

These delicate meringue cookies are jam-packed with chocolate decadence.  They were recently featured in Good Housekeeping as one of the treats to make for a bake sale to earn money for the "No Kid Hungry Campaign."

They are very easy to make, but be warned, they are extremely delicate and break easily.


April 4, 2014


According to the calendar Spring is officially here which means summer is just around the corner.

This is the perfect time to start thinking about delicious smoothie recipes for those hot summer days.

Smoothies can also be healthy if they are made with the right ingredients.  Following are some ideas to get started.

March 26, 2014

Extreme Pancakes

Extreme pancakes are so much fun to make.  I originally posted this on one of my old blogs Make Time for Family.  It is such a fun activity I am re-posting it to share with you.


It seems whenever we have a break from school it is time to get together with family or friends for a slumber party.  After a night of movies, games and not much sleeping, I usually make a big breakfast the next morning.

This week, we tried something that was inspired by the book Extreme Pancakes by Michael Goudeau.

It was so much fun!

I freely admit that I am not an artist and my drawing skills are about 1st grade level, but I still like to be creative so this is the perfect combination.

March 15, 2014

Chocolate Eclair Cake

This is one of those comfort desserts that our family has been making for many years.  It was most likely passed down in one of our neighborhood get-togethers.

It is a favorite because it is made ahead of time and it is fun for kids to make.

This cake also makes a fun St. Patrick's Day dessert by sprinkling a few drops of green food coloring into the pudding.

March 11, 2014

8 Easy Toppings for Cupcakes

This post ends the 8 Days of Easy Toppings for Cupcakes.

There are hundreds of toppings that could easily be put on the top of cupcakes that do not require a lot of time or effort.  Hopefully this past week has given you a few ideas to get started.

It really does not require spending a lot of time in the kitchen to create cupcakes that could be served in a cafe.  They don't need to be perfect.  In fact, when they look home-made, somehow they seem to taste even better.

Following are just a few more ideas . . .

-Crushed Oreo cookies on top of chocolate or vanilla frosting
(If you put gummy worms on top the Oreo's look like dirt)

-Fresh fruit stirred into the frosting (strawberries or raspberries are delicious)

- Candy Cupcakes - try really sour candy like lemon heads

What will you create next?

Have fun experimenting in the kitchen.

March 10, 2014

March 9, 2014

8 Easy Toppings for Cupcakes Day #7 Crunchy Walnut Cupcakes

It cannot get any easier than topping a cupcake with walnuts that have been toasted in the oven to enhance the flavor and crunch.  Delicious!

March 8, 2014

8 Easy Toppings for Cupcakes Day #6 Chocolate Bar Cupcakes

This is a wonderful cupcake for individuals who want just a touch of chocolate.  It is very easy to make and it is fun to put the chocolate curls on top.

March 7, 2014

8 Easy Toppings for Cupcakes Day #5 Caramel Sundae

This topping reminds me of an ice cream sundae.  The vanilla frosting looks like vanilla ice cream.  The cupcake is then topped with caramel sauce and chopped nuts.  This is super easy to make and it tastes delicious!

March 6, 2014

8 Easy Toppings for Cupcakes Day #4 Coconut Cupcakes

This is the cupcake topping that is chosen far more often than the other cupcakes that I make.  It is super easy and the results are beautiful.  It also tastes delicious!